A History of Modern Europe: Volume 2

by John M. Merriman

Through its first two editions, A History of Modern Europe has become a classic in its field, admired and enjoyed bys instructors and students for narrative flair, authority, and comprehensive coverage. A history of Europe from the Renaissance to the present, the book addresses Europe's rich diversity while remaining focused on the central themes of the European experience, from the politics of states and people, the causes and effects of economic and social change, to Europe's interactions with the rest of the world.

The Third Edition maintains the book's key characteristics: a careful balance of cultural, social, and political history, delivered to students in an accessible, engaging narrative by noted scholar and teacher. For this new edition John Merriman has developed a theme of empire throughout the book, with new discussions of such subjects as:

* The trajectory of the Ottoman Empire and its significant effects on Europe and the world

* The New World empires of Europe and Spain, in comparative perspective

* The expansion of the Russian empire and the decline of independent Poland

* The "new imperialism" and the second industrial revolution

* The varieties of decolonization, including the British experience in Kenya

* The movement of populations within empire and the social and political effects, from the early-modern period to contemporary Europe.

The author also updated the Third Edition to reflect the latest important scholarship and the many good suggestions of instructors and students.

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Date of Publication: 01/12/2009

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