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Moon Astrology: using the moon's phases to enhance your life

by Teresa Dellbridge

Do you have certain days when you feel like the universe is against you? Do some days just flow more easily than others? Are you seeking a way to live in tune with nature? You probably know all about your Sun Sign, which describes your personality, but have you heard of your Moon Sign? Your Lunar zodiac sign governs your emotional life, your inner mood, and your day-to-day energy. Moon Astrology will teach you all about your moon sign so that you can harness the moon's cosmic power, knowing when and how to use that power is key. Understanding when the moon passes through its phases, letting the ebb and flow of its energy wash through you like the coming and going of the tides, will help you to improve and empower every aspect of your life. When you tap into the moon's tempo and plan the events of your life in tune with its rhythm, you will feel more centred and balanced. Moon Astrology will help you to: * Recognize why some days are easy and some are difficult * Plan your life to take advantage of cosmic influences to power important decisions and actions * Track the moon's phases with easy-to-use Lunar phase tables for 2022-2030 and look up your moon sign with birth charts from 1924 to 2025 plus an easy guide for calculating any date past or future * Learn about how each phase of the moon brings different energies for reflection, rest, growth, and inspiration * Find easy spiritual exercises for channelling the power of each phase * Discover how to take advantage of each phase to supercharge your Health and Beauty, Love and Relationships, Career and Finances and your Home and Garden Discover sections on interpreting your moon sign, understanding the different phases of the moon, and mastering "moon-phase life planning", Moon Astrology is the indispensable guide to discovering how the moon can impact your instincts and intuitions, and have subtle effects on the rhythms of everyday life.

144 pages.

ISBN: 9781841815329

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Date of Publication: 05/01/2023

Cover of Moon Astrology: using the moon's phases to enhance your life - Teresa Dellbridge - 9781841815329Hardback

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