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The Holistic Guide to Gut Health

by Dr. Mark Stengler

ISBN: 9781837820962

A comprehensive yet accessible approach to healing leaky gut and the many uncomfortable symptoms it causes. Dr. Stengler's integrative program will restore whole-body health--and help protect you from virulent viruses and infections.

The health of your gut directly affects whether you are healthy or sick. In this book you will learn the truth about the gut-body connection and what you can do to resolve your health issues. Unfortunately, many doctors are unaware of the all-too-common symptoms of leaky gut, and as a result, the root cause of your health problems may not be addressed. You may receive a prescription to help with your uncomfortable symptoms, but real healing at a deeper level will not occur.

Did you know that all of the following conditions can be traced back to your gut?

- Digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), acid reflux, celiac disease, gas, and bloating
- Diabetes
- Headaches & trouble concentrating
- Joint pain/arthritis
- Anxiety & depression
- Eczema, allergies, and asthma
- Insomnia & fatigue
- Post-covid syndrome

Here's the truth: the health of your gut (especially the small intestine and its microbiome) affects the health of all organs in the body--and it is often the root of all of your health problems. Your gut is also the epicenter of much or your immune system. If you want to have more resiliency to infection or be less prone to autoimmune disorders--or even cancer--then a healthy digestive system is necessary.

This book will arm you with all of the information you need to determine if you have a leaky gut as well as natural solutions that heal the gut and thus the health of the body. Dr. Stengler's successful healing protocol includes supplements that target specific conditions, healthy lifestyle recommendations such as a stress detox, and delicious prebiotic, probiotic, and Mediterranean recipes chock full of gut-healing foods.

296 pages.

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Date of Publication: 16/04/2024

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